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Common allergies children suffer from are food substances like PEANUTS, even a very small trace of nut can cause a child or adult to have an anaphylactic reaction and this will come on very quickly if this happens you need to activate the EMS immediately.
Make the patient sit down, keep them calm and if they have it, get their medication. Anaphylaxis sufferers often carry Epi-pens and some may just have tablets. The Epipen is a single dose, an automatic injector that delivers a pre-dosed amount of drug into the body. This is normally administered by the patient.

Allergic reactions can happen because of drugs, poisons, plants, inhalation or insect stings.


• Altered level of consciousness
• Hallucinations
• Burning sensation in the chest and throat
• Excessive sweating
• Difficulty breathing
• Nausea and vomiting
• Severe abdominal cramping
• Rashes/Hives