Complete half your BTEC Level 4 FPOS and Level 4 Extended course online with video e-learning.

Complete half your FPOS Extended course online with video e-learning.

Complete half your FPOS Extended course online with video e-learning.

Our video courses are more engaging than traditional slideshow e-learning.
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This course covers the theory units of the latest Level 4 FPOS course.

This course covers the main theory units of your First Person On Scene (FPOS) training which allows you to train at your pace, anywhere you have access to the internet then complete the practical modules and your touch test locally at an approved FPOS centre.

Completing your FPOS course in a blended format allows you more time to concentrate on the practical modules in the classroom and it cuts your classroom time down and still meets the course standards. This course is ideal standard or the extended versions of the BTEC Level 4 Certificate FPOS, as a refresher or just to learn more about advanced first aid.

This course must be completed alongside the recommended reading for the course. There are many documents available in the student downloads section to support your training. You can also buy the recommended book for the course online from your dashboard, your instructor or online. Included free on the course is the document that will become your training portfolio where you answer questions and hand to your instructor.

This course is available to individuals or to existing FPOS centres to incorporate into their training and you will receive a training dashboard to track your learners progress. This course is also ideal for anyone who wants to increase their first aid skills by completing the course online only. It is ideal for instructors, medics and first aiders to increase their understanding of first aid situations.

It is important to remember that completing this online course is only part of the FPOS course and you will not receive your full level 4 FPOS qualification until you have attended and passed the practical lessons and assessments at an approved FPOS centre. On completion of the course, you will be able to download your evidenced-based learning statement and a certified CPD statement alongside your certificate for completing the online part of your FPOS course.

Starting the Blended Course

  1. Complete the part 1 training and test online.
  2. Locate and register for a part 2 classroom course in your area.
  3. Attend your part 2 course and receive your official certificate.
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Starting the Online-Only Course

Part 1 only registration is for anyone who has separately scheduled a part 2 class or anyone not required to meet industry-specific training requirements.

Don't worry if you change your mind. You can add a practical session up to six weeks after you finish the online course.

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