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Types and signs of abuse you may come across.

Abuse Introduction

•   Forms of abuse:
•   Physical abuse
•   Sexual abuse
•   Emotional/psychological abuse
•   Financial abuse
•   Institutional abuse
•   Neglect by self and/or by others

Signs of potential abuse:
•   Physical (series of unexplained falls or major injuries; injuries/bruises at different stages of healing; abrasions; teeth indentations; injuries to head or face; casualty very passive; bruising in unusual sites, e.g. inner arms, thighs)
•   Sexual (change in behaviour; overt sexual behaviour or language; difficulty in walking, sitting; injuries to genital and/or anal area)
•   Motional/psychological (withdrawal; depression; cowering and fearfulness; change in sleep patterns; agitation; confusion; change in behaviour; change in appetite/weight)
•   Financial (unpaid bills; basic needs not being met; lack of cash on a day-to-day basis)
•   Organisational (poor care standards; lack of positive responses to complex needs; rigid routines; inadequate staffing; insufficient knowledge base within service)
•   Neglect (failure to meet basic needs, e.g. food; preventing individual having access to services; isolation; absence of prescribed medication).