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If possible move the person indoors, somewhere warm and put them in warm dry clothing.

Wrap them in blankets, preferably a multi layer product designed to reflect radiate body heat and also insulate.

Insulate the person from the cold ground with blankets or clothing.

Give the person warms drinks and high energy foods such as chocolate to help them warm up, only do this if they can swallow normally. It is important to seek medical attention quickly.

Do not put a hypothermic person into a hot bath, do not massage their limbs, do not give them alcohol or caffeine as this will dilate the skins blood vessels causing further cooling.

The treatment of severe hypothermia is slightly different.

Handle the patient gently and with caution, if wet and it is possible, remove the wet clothing and pat dry do not rub dry. Start active warming such as using heat pads or hot water bottles. Insulate the face so they are breathing warm air and most importantly seek medical attention.